Furnace Repair Professional in Denver, CO & Surrounding Areas

When you live somewhere like the Denver metro area, with such unpredictable and often very chilly weather, you need HVAC systems that work flawlessly. The only way to ensure this is the case is by first making sure your AC and heating systems are professionally installed, but also by following up with appropriate services thereafter. For your heating system, prompt and reliable heating repair is essential to your comfort.

Scheduling your heating repair as soon as you notice something is amiss is the best way to get back the efficient and effective heating you deserve. And there is no better team to call than the comfort advisers here at Apple Aire Heating & Cooling. We’ve been serving the Denver metro area since 1988 and we look forward to providing you with exceptional heating services.

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Is It Time for You to Schedule Heating Repairs?

Scheduling heating repair is never anything you can delay. Neglecting seemingly minor heating repair needs now means they can turn into much bigger, and costlier heating repairs later. But, what if you aren’t sure what constitutes a heating repair need? Are there signs you can watch out for? Absolutely!

  • Loud Noises: This might be a clicking coming from your furnace when it starts up, signaling a potentially harmful cracked heat exchanger. Or if you have a boiler perhaps you hear rattling, which is a sign that scaling has developed and there are deposits on the bottom of the boiler tank that can lead to corrosion.
  • A Lack of Warm Air: In a dual fuel, heat pump, or ductless system, this might mean that your HVAC system got stuck in cooling mode, which requires a new reversing valve. It may even mean you have a refrigerant leak. In a furnace it can mean any number of things that require a professional to check out.
  • Higher Than Average Heating Bills: If you noticed your energy bills get higher and higher each winter despite comparable heating system use, it’s a sign that for whatever reason, your heater isn’t performing as efficiently as it once did and likely requires repair.

Whether you notice these symptoms or realize that your heater just isn’t operating like it used to or you think it should, it’s always worth a call to our Denver, CO team to see if a professional heating repair will get your system back on track.

Only Trust a Pro for Your Heating Repairs

If your heating system is struggling to warm your home, chances are you want it fixed, and fast! With the sporadic weather we tend to experience in the Denver, CO area, there’s no telling when you’ll need your heater to work at its peak efficiency. That said, it’s never wise to trust your heating repair needs to an amateur. Even if they offer to do your heating repairs quickly, you could end up with more costs down the road if they don’t truly get to the root of the problem.

To avoid catastrophes with your heating system, the best thing you can do is schedule your heating repairs with service professionals who have the best training and certifications for the job. That’s exactly what you get when you reach out to Apple Aire. Reliable heating repair services from Daikin Comfort Pros who work with all the leading equipment on the market!

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