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Energy Assessments in Denver, CO

At Apple Aire we believe in 100% customer satisfaction. This means not only being satisfied with the service provided by our comfort advisors and HVAC techs, but being satisfied with your overall home performance. The fact of the matter is, however, you may be losing home energy efficiency due to air leaks, improper insulation, and more. Fortunately, our Denver team of experts is here to assist with energy recovery through a professional energy assessment.

Also referred to as a home energy audit, an energy assessment allows our technicians to provide a comprehensive assessment of your living space to see where air loss may be occurring, and what you can do to mitigate the loss and better conserve energy. Once the energy audit is complete, we won’t simply just sell you a product and call it a day. We take pride in the service we provide throughout the Denver Metro area—in fact we’ve been doing it for over 30 years. You can count on our whole-home approach with everything we do.

Schedule your professional energy assessment with Apple Aire today!

Why Home Energy Assessments are Necessary

The only way to know for sure if and where your home energy efficiency opportunities lie is to have a home energy audit done. Our expertly trained and highly experience professionals will conduct a series of tests to determine what these opportunities are and take the proper steps from there.

We used specialized equipment, backed up with our knowledge of home construction and HVAC systems, to pinpoint areas where air is able to flow back through leaks into your home. One method used to determine this is infrared cameras that help us understand how well your home is insulated, or if it’s insulated well at all. The scanner from this camera picks up heat signatures and temperature fluctuations, to help us locate areas of energy loss in places that would escape the average homeowner’s attention.

Achieve Optimal Home Energy Efficiency

Allow our energy recovery professionals to help optimize your home energy efficiency with an audit. This isn’t just a service for older homes—no matter the age of your living space you need to know whether it is providing you with full efficient comfort. If it isn’t—if it’s your HVAC system and ductwork that is to blame for air loss and decreased efficiency, for instance—we can take the proper steps to mitigate this as well.

Aside from your home comfort systems like your heater and air conditioner, energy efficiency loss can come from improper insulation, and other appliances that have not been upgraded over the years. It can even come from an error in home construction, or a remodel that didn’t take efficiency into account.

Protect Your New Home

Even brand new homes might need a home energy audit. You may have made purchases to improve efficiency over the years like double-paned windows or high-efficiency HVAC systems, but this doesn’t mean much if you have significant air leaks in your attic that you weren’t aware of, or insufficient insulation throughout your home.

A professional energy audit enables our team to look at your home as a whole, rather than one component here or there. Contact us today to schedule your home energy assessment!