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Energy Assessments in Denver, CO

Apple Aire takes the whole-house approach to comfort and energy efficiency. A huge part of the whole-house approach is doing energy assessments for homes in Denver, CO and the Denver Metro. It’s not enough to find out if the HVAC system is wasting energy—for us to provide the best help to customers, we must know the entire “story” of how a house uses energy. This is what a home energy assessment (or home energy audit) tells us. We can use this information to boost overall home energy efficiency.

If you want help with energy recovery in your house, schedule an energy assessment with our EPA-certified comfort advisors. We have over 30 years of experience delivering full customer satisfaction.

Schedule an energy assessment today. Family-Owned & Serving the Denver Metro since 1988!

The Home Energy Audit

What does a "home energy assessment" do? It’s basically an energy audit for a house that views the building as a single energy system rather than separate systems. This is the whole-house approach that is an integral part of what we do. When you schedule a home energy audit with us, we’ll send professionals to your house to analyze ways your home may be losing energy.

The process involves many steps. The auditors will use tests to check how airtight your house is, so they know if there are major air leaks. Using thermals scanners and cameras, they can pinpoint places in the envelope of the house where heat enters or escapes (depending on the season). They’ll inspect insulation, the ductwork, the heating system and air conditioner, and other appliances. When they’re done, they can present you with a breakdown of their findings and offer suggestions for energy recovery solutions.

Home Performance Improvements

Both older and newer homes can benefit from an energy assessment. Older homes may have numerous issues because of the looser building requirements from when they were constructed and because of the effects of aging. Newer homes should have an energy assessment when a family moves in so they can see where to focus any improvements.

We offer a range of home performance improvements to assist you once we’ve completed an energy audit. We can seal ductwork, install heat and energy recovery ventilators, improve insulation, and seal air leaks in the home’s envelope. Our comfort advisors will work closely with you to find the ideal way to home energy efficiency.

Improve Home Energy Efficiency in Denver, CO

The whole-house approach to comfort and efficiency has made Apple Aire one of the top HVAC contractor choices for local homeowners for more than three decades. Improving home performance is one of the essential jobs we take on, and better home performance starts with an energy assessment. Schedule this service with our team today in Denver, CO, and we’ll put your house on track toward energy savings, comfortable temperatures all around the year, and healthy indoor air quality.