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Does Your Aging HVAC System Need Work?

Monday, March 23rd, 2020

Denver weather can be tricky—in the coming weeks we may wind up needing our air conditioners way more than our heaters, or vice-versa. While in other parts of the country homeowners have a pretty clear idea of when they’ll need each system, we don’t necessarily get that luxury.

This means we have to really be diligent about caring for our systems to ensure they’re always prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws their way. This starts with maintenance! During maintenance, our technicians fully inspect, clean, and adjust your HVAC system, checking for any repair needs to take care of before they grow into emergency breakdowns.

For air conditioners, springtime is typically the best time to schedule this service since logically speaking, summer is when you’ll need it the most. Fall, in turn, is the best time to schedule heating system maintenance. With or without maintenance, however, you should always be aware of any signs that an HVAC system is showing signs of failure, particularly if it’s aging.

“How Do I Know if my HVAC System is Old?”

Furnaces and central air conditioners are designed to last about 10-15 years. Any system older than this simply cannot work as efficiently as it once did, nor can it work as efficiently as a new model. Maintenance will help it last that long, but every appliance eventually succumbs to the end of its useful lifespan. That said, we have uncovered below some of the signs that your aging HVAC system needs work, and potentially even replacement.

  • You’re Calling for Repairs Too Often: By the time you find yourself calling for repairs a couple times a year instead of once every couple of years, your system is probably too far gone to make it economically feasible to keep repairing it. It’s likely better at this point to consider an upgrade.
  • You’ve Noticed Lower Heating or Cooling Output: The basic role of your HVAC system, of course, is to provide heat or cooling for your living space. A general lack of heat, or cooling, suggests that the system isn’t able to keep up with your household’s demands. Why waste your time with an ineffective HVAC system? Investing in a newer system can restore your home comfort in no time!
  • You’re Paying Too Much to Heat or Cool Your Home: Have you noticed your monthly energy bills rising much more than what you were paying this same time last year? Or maybe they’re far higher than your neighbor’s energy bills. If this is the case, it’s a sign that something is causing your system to work inefficiently, and it likely needs some work.

Call in a Pro!

When it comes time to repair, and especially when it comes time to replace, your HVAC system, we really can’t stress how important it is to call in an experienced professional. Only an adequately trained HVAC technician will have the tools and expertise to match you with the system that’s going to best meet your needs, should you be ready for a replacement. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

For reliable HVAC system replacement, or heating and air conditioning repair in Denver, CO, look no further than Apple Air Heating & Cooling. Contact us today! Family-Owned & Serving the Denver Metro since 1988.

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Should the Daikin Fit be Your Next AC Installation?

Monday, March 9th, 2020

At Apple Aire, we pride ourselves on the high-quality and high-efficiency equipment we install and service. We are a Daikin Comfort Pro, meaning we work with some of the best systems on the market. Our team is highly trained and experienced and you can always count on a professional installation.

Of course, the reason many homeowners often go with a cheaper alternative is that they’re sticker-shocked by the price of an air conditioning installation. Firstly, the equipment you choose can be costly in and of itself. Then you have other factors to consider like the level of efficiency you want, the costs of labor, and so on.

But, going with a cheaper alternative means getting low-quality performance from month to month, and ultimately paying more to cool your home because of how much energy your new air conditioning system will have to consume to do its job, and how fast that will wear down on the system.

If you’re considering a brand new air conditioner installation or an air conditioning replacement, you’d do well to look into the numerous benefits of the Daikin Fit inverter drive air conditioner.

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Heed These Signs You Need Heater Repair

Monday, February 24th, 2020

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way for you to completely avoid ever needing heating repair services? Unfortunately, this just isn’t possible. Even the best installed and most well-maintained heating system will succumb to natural wear and tear over the years.

The best thing you can do for your heater and your wallet to learn to recognize the signs that heater repairs are needed. This way, you can get out ahead of them, and schedule professional services accordingly.

Of course, you can also reduce the chances that you’ll have huge repair needs, and lower your costs, by scheduling routine heating maintenance. Maintenance tune-ups allow our technicians to fully inspect, clean, and adjust your furnace for optimal performance. We also check for repair needs during this service, so you can manage them before they grow into something worse.

Whether you skipped maintenance, forgot to schedule follow-up repairs, or just have an aging furnace, beware these following signs of a heating system problem:

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Who Should You Trust for Your HVAC Installation?

Monday, February 10th, 2020

We hope for your sake that you are not in need of a heating system installation right now, when we’re in the coldest part of the year. If you’ve come across this blog post, however, chances are that you’re either in the midst of shopping for a new heater or consider your next air conditioner purchase before the weather warms up again. We understand the temptation to rush into a purchase such as this, when you need your comfort control systems the most. But we really want to encourage you to take your time!

It’s important to trust only a trained professional for your HVAC installation, for a number of reasons. There is a high level of work that goes into a job of this caliber, and this work contributes to your comfort as well as the efficacy of your HVAC system and your safety. Keep reading to learn more about the steps our techs go through during an HVAC installation.

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