4 Reasons to Invest in Halo 5 Water Filtration for Your Home in Arvada, CO

Bottled water might not be practical for everyone. As more people turn toward sustainable solutions, you might look for something different. Drinking water without contaminants is vital to a healthy household, so consider Halo 5 water filtration. Here’s why investing in Halo 5 water filtration makes sense for your home in Arvada, CO:

Contaminant-Free Drinking Water for Your Household

With the Halo 5 system, water entering your house undergoes a four-stage filtration process. This process removes impurities such as pesticides, chlorine and heavy metals. Filtered water paired with high indoor air quality will help you achieve a healthy home.

A Convenient Whole-House Water Filter

When people consider water filtration, they often turn to solutions that involve salts or water softeners. With the Halo 5, the filtration is in the system itself, saving you time and money. The system also has a self-cleaning feature that reduces the amount of maintenance needed for optimal operation.

Conditioned Water Contributes to a Cleaner Home

Once the four-stage filtration process is complete, the Halo 5 conditions the water. Cleaned and conditioned water doesn’t leave behind that dreaded chalky gunk on dishes, glassware or mirrors. You save time because after you clean once, you don’t have to go back and clean again.

Conditioned Water Prevents Corrosion in Your Plumbing

The Halo ION Inline Water Conditioner, found in the last stage of the Halo 5 process, treats the minerals in your water to prevent corrosion in your pipes. Over time, the conditioned water dissolves scale, cleaning the inside of your plumbing. Cleaner pipes save money that would otherwise have gone to plumbing repairs.

These are only some of the reasons to invest in the Halo 5. Contact us at Apple Aire Heating & Cooling to discuss your water filtration needs. We’ll help you enjoy clean water in your house around the clock.

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