3 Benefits of Tankless, Traditional and Indirect Water Heaters

Are you thinking of installing a water heater in your Brighton, CO, home? You have a choice between traditional, indirect and on-demand water heaters. On-demand water heating systems are convenient and energy-efficient but costly to install. Tank and indirect heaters are less energy-efficient but cost less to install. Here are three benefits of installing any of these most popular water heaters:

Easy and Affordable to Install

Indirect heaters use your existing boiler to heat your household water. These types of heaters use your furnace or boiler’s heater exchanger to heat water, which means they heat water while you’re heating your indoor space.

You’ll pay less upfront to secure a tank water heater, and the system won’t cost you a fortune to install. When you hire professionals to install tankless, tanked or indirect water heating systems, they’ll install the equipment properly.

Convenient and Cost-Effective

On-demand heaters operate in an energy-efficient manner and only heat water when you prompt them to do so. They have a compact design and can easily fit inside your bathroom or kitchen wall. Traditional water heating systems can store water for later use, so you continually have access to a hot water supply.

Like tank water heating systems, indirect heaters store water in the existing tanks and feature a high productivity of up to 200 gallons a day. These systems connect and work with your household boiler or furnace, so they generate hot water instantly.

Durable and Reliable

With a traditional water heater, your household receives a continual supply of hot water for up to 12 years without the need to pay for regular maintenance or costly repairs. On-demand heaters can perform optimally for up to 20 years with minimal maintenance, while indirect water heating systems have an average life of no less than 10 years with proper maintenance.

Tanked, indirect and tankless water heating systems all have unique features and functions that distinguish them from one another. For timely and cost-effective professional water heater installation, contact our talented and experienced specialists at Apple Aire Heating & Cooling.

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