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Now Is the Time: Schedule an AC Tune-Up!


One of the easiest HVAC service needs for homeowners to dismiss is the need for routine air conditioner maintenance or a tune-up. Unless something is severely wrong with the system, after all—like a loss of cooling power—it can seem really tempting to put off an AC tune-up if the system is behaving “just fine.”

But what if your air conditioner could work more than “just fine”? What if it could operate more efficiently, and as a result cost you less to run? Also, what if it could prevent repair needs, meaning that over the lifetime of the system you could spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars less than you otherwise would? This is all possible, with a routine tune-up!

What Do AC Tune-Ups Accomplish?

If you’ve never had an air conditioner tune-up done, or if you just don’t know that much about it, then you’ve found the right blog post. Also referred to as maintenance, a tune-up is when our professionals come in and comprehensively clean the interior components of your AC system (or heating system, depending on the time of year) to make sure that it’s able to function as efficiently and effectively as possible. Additionally, we inspect the system and check for any components that need adjustment, repair, or even replacement.

Overall, maintenance serves to improve the longevity and performance of your cooling system, which is vital in and of itself.

The Best Time to Schedule Maintenance

One of the most common questions we get about air conditioner tune-ups is “when is the best time to schedule it?” Generally speaking, we recommend that you have an AC tune-up done right before you need the air conditioner the most. So, this would be early spring (right now!) The time of year that you have maintenance done, however, is less important than how frequently you have it done. Tune-ups should happen once a year, at the least.

Since we live in a climate that definitely needs powerful cooling during the summer months, you might even consider having your system checked out more often than this. Actually, if you’re using a heat pump heating and cooling system you should have a tune-up done twice a year since it does twice the job.

A Tune-Up Will Improve Comfort and Safety

One of the main reasons you should keep up on your annual air conditioner tune-ups is for your comfort and the comfort of your family. Over the years, your AC systems’ components start operating less and less efficiently and effectively as they succumb to natural wear and tear.

Maintenance helps keep you safe, too! Of course, air conditioners are not inherently dangerous by any means. They do have components that can be harmful though, particularly if you try to do air conditioner repairs on your own. For example, refrigerant is the chemical that makes the cooling process possible. If you have a leak, it can be harmful to not only your air conditioner but to anyone who comes in contact with it, as well.  

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