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How to Choose the Best AC Contractor for the Job


It’s that time of year—temperatures are about to heat up for the coming months, and HVAC contractors all over the place will be flooded with calls for air conditioner maintenance and repairs. You’ll need quality service to ensure that your air conditioner is going to work as efficiently as possible.

This is why we suggest contacting a qualified AC contractor with years of experience. Getting a highly trained contractor to deal with your air conditioning system needs will make the difference between a fully efficient system and one that might break down on you in the middle of the summer season.

But what qualities should you look for when searching for an AC contractor? Read on!


Homeowners often think that it’s perfectly okay to call in just any handyman who happens to have a little bit of experience on mechanical and electric devices to repair or maintain their air conditioning system. However, we can confirm that this usually ends in a headache, and more money than you would have ended up paying to begin with had you just relied on an experienced professional from the start. HVAC equipment is very complex, and you’ll likely have to pay more to call in someone who could have done the job done right from the start.

There is also your safety to consider. While air conditioners are not dangerous—far from it actually—they do have components that can be harmful if not managed correctly. For example, there are many electrical wires and components involved with your system, and there is also refrigerant—the chemical that makes the cooling system possible.

Only a trained and licensed HVAC contractor knows how to properly deal with these components.

Variety of Services

There are some companies out there whose main goal is to simply sell you an air conditioner. Other companies, just do repairs. You need a company that does it all. After all, who wants to have a system shoddily installed, then find themselves facing repair needs a few months down the road, with no company to call for repairs? You can’t hold the installer accountable if they don’t also offer repairs.

You need an AC contractor who provides comprehensive services. An added benefit of this is that we can look at your whole home and address multiple needs at once. For instance, if you have problems with humidity, we have indoor air quality products to help!

Emergency Services

When something goes wrong with your air conditioner, it’s not usually at a convenient time. How could it be? You’re not going to notice a problem with your air conditioner unless you try to run it.

Of course, there is a way to lower the risk that you’ll need emergency services, with professional maintenance. But there may still come a time where you’ll need repairs and you’ll need them fast. The last thing you need in the middle of one of the hottest summer days is a broken-down system and nobody to come help get it back to being functional.

For professional Littleton, CO HVAC services, contact Apple Aire Heating & Cooling today!

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